American Gothic House Center
Eldon, Iowa

A place of visions
 Operated by the
Wapello County Conservation Board

Art Estate of Nan Wood Graham/Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY
Beth Howard, current tenant

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Come see the house that started it all and strike your own American Gothic pose in front of the place made famous by Iowan Grant, Wood.  Costumes and pitch fork available!

Enjoy the collection of American Gothic parodies, educational exhibit and videos on grant Wood's life, put together the magnet puzzles and check out the selection of prints, postcards, stationary, books, totes, T-shirts and other memorabilia in the  gift shop.

Pick a costume for your size and gender

Posing in front of the house

Hours of Operation


Sunday-Monday 1PM-4PM
Tuesday-Thursday      10AM-4PM
Friday-Saturday          10AM-6PM 



Tuesday-Friday 10AM-4PM
Saturday-Monday 1PM-4PM


Bus tours welcome!
Please make reservations for
groups of twenty. or more.


Extraordinary Eldon Sites
Carnegie Library
EJ's Memories & Ice Cream
Julia's Cafe
Lock Tenders Stone House
Mc Haffey Opera House
Rock Island Railroad Depot

                                                 Wonderful Wapello County

Beach Ottumwa (Ottumwa)
Bridge View Center (Ottumwa)
Chief Wapello Grave Site (Agency)
Eddyville Dunes (Eddyville)
Garrison Rock (near Agency)
Gray Eagle Wildlife Reserve (Ottumwa)
Ottumwa Cemetery (Ottumwa)
Pioneer Ridge Nature Center (Highway 63)
Wapello County Historical Museum    (Ottumwa)                        


Eldon is located on Highway 16 six miles south of Highway 34 between Ottumwa and Fairfield.

The original painting is on display in the Art Institute of Chicago

Other Variations of the Painting