The American Gothic House Welcome Center

Outdoor Area

AGHC Outdoor Area

Our center is situated adjacent to the Gothic House with accessible sidewalks leading up to the photo-op area in front of the house.

Exhibition Gallery

Exhibition Gallery.jpg

Our center features an exhibition gallery about the history of the Gothic House, American Gothic, Grant Wood, and more.

Media Room

AGHC Media Room.JPG

We have a media room featuring two videos (a 30-minute documentary geared towards adults and a 17-minute cartoon for kids).

Gift Shop

Gift shop.jpg

Our gift shop features a wide selection of souvenirs and gifts relating to Grant Wood, Iowa, and more!


american gothic costumes

We also provide costumes and props for our visitors, and we are happy to help you capture your own parody in front of the Gothic House!

(See below for a selection of visitors’ parodies.)

Other amenities include restrooms, a water fountain, a wheelchair, and language guides for our gallery (including Spanish, German, Japanese, Russian, and Braille). Admission to the center, as well as all amenities, are free for our visitors to use. Donations are accepted, and help us keep the center open and free for all!